DEC 14

Got up at mornning and continued the site work. The work was to traslate a design done in photoshop into html. I felt bored soon and soon saw myself drawing some pencil drawing. After completing the drawing i started over with my site work. Mom was busy cleaning house as grandmother was coming from bangalore. I was soon thrown out of my room for cleaning reasons ,and i had to wait for a long time until the hilarious task of cleaning my room was over. I ate some fruits and sweets as mom cleaned my room, she was angrily uttering something while cleaning, it was nt a prob for me,ive heard the same a lot many times.
I felt better sitting in a clean room. My table still remains the same, mom never cleans it, neither will I. As i again got involved in site work it was time to pick dad and grandmother from railway station.
Now i need to complete the design of the site, the problem im facing is that my monitor is now decoloured. There is no point in telling the color as it can change any time, any way now it is red tint. Dont think that this is something that happened today, the monitor is living with this for more than 5 months. So there should be a solution, i planned to do the rest of work at hostel. I called sarath to hear the happy news that the laptop and the PC at hostel is not working. Any way I can manage to make the laptop working if i can arrange a battery and charger or i should get laptop from dripu, whatever.... im leaving rest of it i can plan on the way.

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