DEC 13

got up at around 9am started the day hearing some songs. slowly turned over to designing some web site and continued with it for a while. By that time my friend sanoj came home and spend time chatting with him till noon. mom gave him some juice and chocolates,I ate the chocolates and my lil bro took care of the juice. After he left home i was forced to visit the stationary shop as father was not at home and we were expecting my cousin from calicut. I had a bath and went to shop was a good experience to view the changes to the shop from the time of my last visit, some new sales girls have come some favorite ones have left.I noticed evry change before i started searching for the items in the list.The dificult part of shopping is this search which always end up in asking some sales girl for help.
As soon as I came back from shop , i switched on my computer. The order for a juice bunced as mom was busy cooking chiken for guest. I started over with web site work. I continued with this work and songs in background until cousin reached aluva. As he phoned from aluva i went to the junction near my house and waited for him there until he called from my hom telling he came by some other route. I came back home, he was there like host and i was like guest he welcomed me.."haa come come...".Then it was all about food until he left at 7:30 which started with some juice at 3:30 and ended in chicken fry and porotta at 7:00.
Again i started over with my work wchich was in no way omproving because im not getting enough time to concentrate.I did some designing by night and then went to sleep at 10:30.

PS: The work has lot more to finish, i will post the link if ever i complete it :P
PPS: hope the one who gave me the work wont read this :)

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