DEC 12

Unsusual beginning of the day, woke up at 3:30 am and had rice at 4 am. Made coffee myself and had it along with rice. Now busy infront of computer checking mails and found some interesting mail, mail from FSF.
The mail was about a copyright infringement of some software mailed to me from FSF as im in their mailling list. The interesting fact is that Free Software Foundation have filed the case against CISCO which te FSF announced on 11th Dec. There can naturally arise a confusion, free software is against copyrighting softwares(not exactly) and why should they file a case against CISCO. There comes the funny part. CISCO took some of FSF softwares including GCC binutils GNU C Library etc for their product linksys. FSF told them "use it as u wish but provide source code to your users as we provided it for u", the way FSF spreads its motive. CISCO dint read the "but" part and used it "as they wish" and gave no source to users which finally led to this situation after so many warnings by FSF.
Also this is first of its kind from FSF,the fifteen years of non-violence with no such legal case is over, lets look ahead if FSF will win the case.

The PDF of FSF complaint is give below.
copy of complaint in PDF
The softwares were having GPL and Lesser General Public License (LGPL) licences.

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  • will we have class today?, the suspence keeps us goin to class, believing "we wont have probably"

PS: Times are changing. Case against "stealing source code" is history,now cases are filed for "hiding source code".

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