DEC 11

Tdy was a fine day from the perspective of a lazy student forced to be in his classroom for the sake of his/her future economic stability. we were forced to bunk the morning session because of a sir who dont want any disturbances due to "late comers".whether the disturbance is due to "late coming" or "late comers" becomes clear once a "non late comer" comes late.we any way understands and raise up to the we left the place as soon as we saw sudeep sir inside.We were happy that we got time to have our food we were also sad bcoz we lost our sleep for no reason :( .
After food next destination was default, our hostel. There i had nothing to do and so was doing nothing. sanoop was lying down on his belly and reading "CATCH 22". i slowly started imagining his pocket as a basketball basket and made small small basketballs out of newspapers to start my game. Sanoop was deeply buried inside the book that he never noticed his pocket gaining weight.
it was time for afternoon section and i rushed to bathroom to hav a bath.I had no time for that during the morning rush. We went to attend the afternoon section three of us in a bike looking for any beutiful "pieces" of gods creations anywhere on the way and finally reached campus without even finding one.
Our friends shouted "rush to the teacher man, mark the attendance before offer ends". we ran up the stairs which we even hated to climb up walking. Rushed to staff room and luckily teacher was there ,we marked the attendance and went to hav our lunch and reached back hostel soon.
Again i passed time without doin nothin till 4pm wen i went out to play badminton along with shinto.from there i left home at 5 and slept at 9pm after passing sme lazy moments before the computer checking mail and updating the status of my works. I was actually tired by the time i slept, i think badminton is the culprit as im having body pain also.

PS: morning session of class diverted to "Coffe house" had breakfast, afternoon session diverted to "hotel marhaba" had lunch.....unfortunately there was no night class to hav dinner.

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