Lively? or not?

Some part of the internet always remain unaccessed by the majority or put in other words, majority browse only a restricted part of the vast internet (like the way they use thier brains). Im talking about some feature launch and withdrawal by the BIGDADDY Google, more specifically the fact remains that no one ever tld me about such a thing and i just happened to see it a wiki page listing all google services!! can be considered as a different product in googles shelf, its something like second life a virtual world where you will get rooms and avatars which will roam through the rooms. The lively is a multiuser system and has an incorporated group chat in it, also we can kick someone hit em on their head or so. Its really fun hang out at Jens Coffee Shop , a 3d building built and furnished by some unlucky fellow. Google wont allow anyone to enter any rooms after dec 31 2008 as per wht they announced "Lively is shutting down Rooms and avatars will not be available after December 31st, 2008" The reason for a shut down is not clear for me, google anyway got some official excuses like "not every bet is going to pay off." and "we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business."
Both thesebut remains unsatisfactory for me. I also recommend all of you to take a look at the and spend some time at some room before the close down happens at the end of december.
heres a pic of me sitting at some "sexy music" room and this is my avatar which i personalised to somewht look
like me :P. Another google service i unfolded the same day is the notebook service which can book mark my favorite sites and striking ones online and it will help me a lot... ill better do one detailed post on the notebook service next time :P

PS: im also member of secondlife which seems more realistic, but the lively looks more cool and fun(4 me). try it fast if u wish, u got a timeline.

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