Nokia Snake Xenia / Xenzia cheats :P

i showed my cousin my high score in snake xenia /xenzia around 4650 and he gave me a silly smile and showed his snake xenia /xenzia score 23,000 and 27,000 in snake xenia /xenzia classic and campaign :P
snake xenia /xenzia classic any way he tld he played without any cheat but campaign he had a cheat to get rid of the mazes :P campaign without mazes!!
• Game Type(Campaign)
• New Game
• Pause
• Game Type(Campaign)
• Quit
• Start
• Continue

one another way to cheat snake xenia /xenzia is tzo make it frget that it actually ate apples :p
its simple as soon as it swallows apple pause the game and snake will do something else then continue. snake wont grow if u do it the right way :P this is but not supported in most new phones

Cheat Snake II Nokia - Celebrity bloopers here


PS : u can only harvest fame n scores with cheats!!

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2 Responses:

ullas said...

yeah Snake Xenzia RULES

Al Imran said...

Its working ... I have scored 31712 to Snake Xenzia game..