Gmail introducing new themes!!

The option to setup custom themes for orkut profiles had many prolems at the beginning. One main problem was that even if i dont want to see orkut in its new variety of dresses, i should just shutup and watch the show.Some of the similar problems have been rectified by the google/orkut team some more to do i think.Our discussion here but is not orkut themes, but the newly introduced Gmail themees.
Gmail themes work in the similar way as orkut themes, ie a changing "css".(css is nothing but cascading style sheets, a file which defines the look and feel of web pages). Lets not go technical. Gmail themes are not assosiated with any problems as in orkut as we are the only one whoz gonna watch our mail and we can decide how it looks.

I tried many of the available thems and now im using one console like theme which gives some techie look to my inbox :P .You can see the theme in the pic. Yet another theme that i liked is the graffitti theme.Most of the themes provided by google are "good css" but not so attractive
Lets look forward for times when we can design our own themes in css and upload ,or may be atleast the flexibility we have in blogger design[:P]

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