preparing for onam

the early news about onam that i heard this time was definitely something more than 'SHOKING'. It was something no one even dared to dream of. 'Kanjan' is the cs captain and organizer for onam. Even now after all these happenings i cant simply sort out how such a thing happened.
The captains decision to take over the position was a good bad? the question remains unanswered for the captain's sake.
I already had plans of going to campus after the "Break-Fast" of ramadan , which i didn't want to miss. I was sure of some preparations out there at campus and some fun going on there. I packed up my "mundu" and shirt in my school bag and took my bus to kalamassery. I was somewht lazy of walking all my way to the hostel from kalamassery , so i called sanoop to see if any bikes are free. His reply really made me feel the speed of onam preparations. Sudeesh and Shinto were on their way to invite teachers and sharath and ajna's house looking for full size plantains for decoration!! I expected some "happenings" but not this much. i had no other choice other than to walk. I had purposefully avoided calling our captain, the reason is simple, he never tells a "no" if you ask him to pick u up, but then we might even need to wait for a full day. The inborn laziness to walk made me call him atlast. Captain "in a minute sir, im there". As the first step of preparations for the long wait, i ordered one tea and started "waiting". As the first one in the list of unusual happenings of the day, came captain with his "question marked" bike and moopan was also along with him. I was stunned to see him come this fast without making me wait for atleast one was just half hour of waiting!!! He was seen completely tensed, two mobiles phones in two ears, he really have become one "captain". Captain had plans of writing a banner for procession , moppan was selected for writing i joined them and went to buy clothes and brushes to write banner, paint was already there.
From there we directly went to campus , there were more people there than i expected, all were busy decorating their places, and enjoying the "campus get together" at night. It was then that captain became aware that only in our branch no decorations or preperations goin on, all others actually somewht finished decorations by then. First thing captain wanted was "kuruthola" to decorate the place(kurthola is the tender leaves of coconut tree). There was no "kuruthola" for us and also no one to proces the kuruthola. There was only two people from cs, me and captain. Captain kick started the bike and we went in search of kuruthola, sarath tld there is some coconut tree in garden near polymer science. We went there to get this kuruthola at any cost. The problem then was the security people .As wee stopped bike near the garden, we saw some remainings of kuruthola decorations there in front of polymer science, i took one to study how its made. The security slowly approached us. It was around 12 midnight by then, he asked whts goin on. I showed the kuruthola sample and tld him that we came to study how its made. He became interested and explained us how to make "kuruthola". Now captain asked the apt question, "now making is ok but we dnt have kuruthola "!!!! It dint seem a problem for the security "its all coconut tree over here get it from where ever you like". We entered the garden under captains leadership, it had lot of coconut trees.We selected one and I climbed up the tree. It was hard time up the tree and working with the knife which cant even cut a piece of shit. At last we got some kuruthola and we left to campus with that.
We also called all our classmates from hostels to help in decorating the place. Many were there within half an hour and preparations started. It was real fun to be at campus with friends at a late tym of around 1:00 in the night. There was a small kuruthola processing unit under noble's leadership, which made all decorations v fast.
Captain was worried again by this time as he had no plantains to keep at the entrance, yet another decoration. This time also i went with him along with vivin and nikhil dev in another bike. It was not a good idea to cut down plantains from plantations of our professors at staff quarters. But we had no other choice. Also i am not sure if i should mention that we encountered one of our professors on our way back with plantains on our shoulders. We were lucky enough to be spared without any probs and definitely unlucky enough to see him there at that time.
Things were ready by now. By the time we reached back decorations were some wht over. Now came captains next problem , it was nothing other than our firt plan ,banner. He wanted moopan and me to write the banner. We happily went with him as it was getting too late and started with our work at hostel. But then all of our friends came one by one to the hostel, they all sat down with us for some time and went to sleep. The first two people who came were still awake with red and blue colors on their hands.No need to mention about captain who fell asleep as soon as we reached hostel.
WE finished the work around 5:00 in the morning. There was no more time to sleep. I took a bath, ironed clothes and got ready for the next battle.

our pookkalam

PS: If some one saw me sleeping at benches during onam it was because i was completely exhausted after all these along with a "day out" ( night out is no prob for me)

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