Onam vacation is over

The whole thing went very fast, the vacations are over, but the individual days were actually like slow motion scenes. I was online all the time during vacations(when im awake). I used to ask all friends "wht u doin?" and always felt happy to get the reply "nothing", which was a testimony that i am not alone.
The onam vacation inspite of its extreme boredom becomes significant by provoking many lazy sacks to even start blogs. Sanoop is supposed to have suffered the maximum boredom, which inturn is actually measured from the extend of blogging. When individual blogs proved that they are not enough to fight the seasoned boredom there came no second thought to start the "TP-blog". The idea design and flag off ...it went very fast. Me and vellu enjoyed it. It was a big relief from the pathetic situation we had.
This vacation definitely keeps us aware of the situation we need to face soon as the coll gets over for us, which is no big time.
The classes are back again its just one day left, we r back with fun but then also s6 specials is gonna screw up along with seminar report, records, assignments and all crap. Lets see :p

PS: CG record , Network record, CN assigment and Seminar report? there is one more day ;)

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