Sigmund freud expired on september 23 1939. Now i got nothing to worry as no one is going to interpret what i am going to narrate. To be more straight forward, i am going to narrate one dream which i had few months back. The dream is not so interesting, it's rather unrealistic and weird.

(for people who dont know the places, there is a 20 min journey from aluva to HMT Jn. and a five more minutes will take ou to edappally)

i was on my way to edappally from aluva in a private bus(cab). Nothing like co-passengers or anything is clear or may be i was not even worried about that during my sleep. In the part of the dream that i remembers, the bus had reached HMT Jn. Instead of taking the usual route via HMT jn. the bus went by the smal bypass road to south kalamassery.Infront of the bus, to the right side an elderlyman was seen riding his bike. The bus rapidly approached the bike. I was tensed, because i was sure of an accident by now. Also the bus at this time had no roof no windows or anything other than my seat and me. The bike was very near to me, i leaned forward and shouted at the biker to go fast. He looked at me in a silly manner and disappeared in darkness. Darkness, it was the only thing remained now along with strange sounds from all around. I was really afraid and looked around for any fellow passenger. There was only darkness. I searched for any one near me with my hands, got something, grabbed it towards me in exitement and confusion. It was nothing other than my pillow, i was saved from the strange place.

:) first time in my life i felt happy to be disturbed in my sleep.

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2 Responses:

sanoop said...

da plz tell me something new, something tat does not involve sleeping.
let me tell u something any event in ur life that doesnot involve sleepin simply makes it an intriguin one, fascinate me with such experiences.

sabith pocker said...

da thendee orumichu orangunna nammalu thammil ithu veno?? :P