the unOfficiaL sABith Pocker bLoG

fRiends...thIS is the UnoffiCial SabithPockEr blog...iF u R lookING foR the Official ONe...kEeP oN LookinG , aNd i F u fInD sOMe pls Inform me also :P (ill F**k thE oNe Who mADe mE oFFiciaL).... iM gOnna wRiTe al rUbbisH oVer hEre aNd tHose ppl Who Loving gRammer and sPelinG is gOna hav a Bad tYm in This blog...Such geeks Shall Quit right Now....its relly hard to mke the small and caps simultaneously.....i would like to keep on doin that to show dat its not gonna harm communication in any way...but above being rational im a great follower of lazy s**y and crazy life .so here laziness wins over my craziness and the blog shall be in complete small caps from now...i also assure u that u are not gonna gain anythin by rading this blog and definitely u might lose manyhthing like control of mind or might be ull lose ur mind itself....and inside all the rubbish here will be discussed the simple unanswerds of the supposedly complex lifes

wht do you think is the very reason or casu or meaning of human life?
keep an eye on the are gonna c a crazy view...the unofficial inaugration is gonna b soon with
"an unofficial overview of human life"

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