an unofficial overview of human life

an unofficial overview of human life is a rational and foolish attempt to sort out the meaning of human life.why do u live?where u came from?why we live here and wht is this earth..mars jupiter and supposedly infinite..or finite and expanding infinitely universe and beyond that also der might be something or might be, der is a full stop...but whts all of these...
the simplest and widely accepted answer is a good story with the superbrain or the architect..or the creator..or to be more specific..the GOD.Where ever we go atlast we comes back to this story because the nonexistence of such a power makes us more meaning less.But who is there who is zen percent sure of the existence of god.If there exists ppl in evry religion whoz sure of the existance of their own "GOD", then they do contradict each other which ineffect make all their tautologies to contradictions..if not,atleast unsure.
so can we find the secret?think of a General Intelligence program(for those who dont know think of it as a computer that got artificial intelligence close to humans).Can it any how understand the existance of humans unless we hav given it our information?Can it think beyond the knowledge it has and the knowledge it aquires from the envieonment...can it think out of box and understand that some humans programmed it?can such a computer find out by itself the reason for its existence?But it surely knows to produce certain outputs on certain knows to might have seen other systems it might know about death also..but it wont know what is beyond....
but a notable thing in the design of such a system is that the system is designed according to the very design of the creator and his the point in this is that do "our" creator also hav a similar design like ours?and if we think like we are programs and god is the programmer...then why cant we go on a recursion like dis...again only an ultimate power can stop the recursion.4 him a question like "how he came into existance" will remain invaild in all conditions.
yet another way to think is...again sme much can a program think of its programmer?there is always a limit which it cant cross...can it understand love at any cost if it wer not programmed?similarly the way we are made can be like we are made to think in terms of time distance and somemore things and also in side a range..not of the easiest way to understand this is to think of infinite anything.we cannot digest infinity and another point to note, everything related to god is considered infinite..his powers?lifetime?love?is there anything finite about god?
now again question arises...what should we do now?as per current situation we still remain unsure of the phenomenon called there someone who have cleared their doubts?may be we elive budha or some rishis or someone else like prophet mohammed or jesus knew one answer.But they all taught us the way to live...some methods of peaceful co existence and love...and stories about heaven and hell.
also there is nothing told by them that a rational mind cannot digest(..obviously,the "infinities" of GOD is der) which again questions their divinity.
the question....waht are v :D its still there ..u can c its smiling at again wht can we do to solve it? is der anyone whom we can ask ?is it that if we think for ourselves for beyond a time or concentration we can solve it?
as long as we are having these unanswered long as we are unaware of we are, we remain no much better than a general intelligence program.Only the inputs outputs and environment changes.
in such a meaningless life what keeps us goin?...if u r going in a bus and u dont know why or where you are going.will u keep on going?if there is no one to ask will u atleast keep on getting worried on this(where,why)?will u jump out of the bus or continue to c wht will happen?again if u hav ur friends and family aand lover with u..same situation..will u be worried this much?will u bother to ask such questions like where this is goin n all(when u r sure others also donno)?or will u try to enjoy the journey forgettin abt the uncertainty of destination?
so wht keeps us goin?wht is love happiness and such things which physics and chemistry is not dealing with?
the next post is not so far

"what keeps us goin without knowing a certain destination?"

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8 Responses:

sanoj said...
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sanoj said...
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sanoj said...

i now understand what made us friends..both are is half..and d other is full...nee pedikkenda nee thanneya ful :D
(DAaaa..ithu nammal pandu samsaarichiu kaadu kayaria topic ..alle.. :P..n ask my dad if u hve ne doubts ;)) ....:P

ullas said...

nee philosophyil ethra interested aanennu njan arinjilla!!...vaayichu thalayil ninnu puka!!..keep on blogging..:)

leena said...

da nice article... but bhayanganra confusion.... but grammar and spelling mistake nu ninne sammadhikkanam... ninakkengane ithrem cheyyan kazhinju? pls ask sliu to review it before u update it ketto... i feel it will surely reduce the mistakes :P

sabith pocker said...

if i ask ur dad he'll show me whts after death...somehow i escaped last tym.. :P

sanoop said...

kidilan blog ne aayethukondu njan artham manasilaakane sramichila,pinne oru karana vesalum orappan ee blog kanneruthu prethyekichu avan roomilullappol... kandal...plz chathikeruthu

sabith pocker said...

ill soon send the link to him , i for got that actually :P