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i wish to explain some ways to customize the firefox browser for easier and faster browsing.might be you already know these things, but if u dont know itll be a great loss, especially 4 da lazys.this is the erason why im gonna eplain things now

this time ill be explaining the need, setup, use, and migration of bookmarks toolbar(im talking w.r.t mozilla firefox)
the need
bookmarking is always nice and to read the bookmarked pages again is wht i never do.bokmarks toolbar should not be viewed as such a thing,it really helps, believe me.

see the book marks toolbar in my firefox.think of a situation where i want to check my gmail, i am going to click on the google button and see wht happens then.
i got one drop down with gmail, orkut, site and blogger.ive actually arranged all the google services i use into this "folder".i was looking for gmail,right?so just click on gmail and login, its done.
and now ill show bit more interesting one,how i have managed orkut book marks,the orkut bookmarks reside inside google,definitely ggogle owns orkut as we all know, and the orkut contains 4 options: friends,home,album,scrapbook.once i want to go and checkscrap ill click on scrap book instead of going to home and clicking scraps.if you hav "always logged in"(a play wid cookies) then u rgonna enjoy this more(but i never recommend cookies).
see one snap of the orkut thing

we happen to use only few websites daily,like mail,orkut,blog (ohhh juss remembered abbout blog similar to the orkut shown above ive also arranged a list of blogs in the blogger folder)so if we arrange those regularly visited sites like google sites, may be yahoo,youtube(i got youtube and saveyoutube in that folder),free sms site,mp3 download site,torrent search etc etc etc it will be very nice(is wht i think).


hope its time to explain how to setup these things
its simple
1. view->toolbars->bookmarkstoolbar (if tick mark is not there,click on it)
followig pic explains it well
figure:2.4 you will see your toolbar right click on it and choose new bookmark
type the name as wht u want to see in the button and in the location type the address, key word and other u can leave blank,ill explain both
keyword is for more fast browsing typing the keyword can lead you to the page, for example after opening orkut folder from bookmarks if keyword for scrapbook,"s" is pressed you r at scrapbook,helps keyboarders a lot. descriptioon is for helping yourselves at a later situation or hepling others if you gave them your collection of bookmarks
3. now try new folder instead of new bookmark after you create bookmarks for gmail and it google.and click OK. drag and drop the gmail and orkut bookmarks into this folder, the drag and drop scenario is shown in pic
another way other than drag and drop, the top down approach, is to expand the google folder by clicking on it, then right click on the drop down area and select new bookmark or may be a new folder, as you wish.the scenario is shown below
another thing to notice is that right clicking directly over the button and making a new bookmark will cause book mark on the same level only, you ned to right click on the drop down area.
figure 2.6
right clicking on sabithpocker generates a new bookmark on the same level as sabithpocker

if i select the peoperties in the above(fig 2.6) case i am all set to edit the sabithpocker bookmark,try it.

sharing / saving bookmarks
the bookmarks are there in D:\Documents and Settings\sabith pocker\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\bookmarks.html
the profile name xxxxxxxx will be sme alphanums and "D:\" is my windows drive hopefully itll be "c:\" in your system
when you reinstall the software completely without keeping any preferences,save this file somewhere and replace this in new installation, same file may be used t o transfer bookmarks.
but to merge two you might need to know basic html

this is just a good story, the bookmarks manager(bookmarks ->organise bookamrks) will help u do all these easily with their import and export of bookamrks as html.

its really hard to explain this simple thing :P do use firefox and also, definitely, bookmarks toolbar.

if you want dual boot pc(linux/windows case) to share same bookmark read this

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