about me 2 - A handful of dust

I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
The "about me" of a chennai profile went like this. I was impressed by the lines which led me to a short investigation into the source.
The lines were actually from the poem The Waste Land by the poet T. S. Eliot. The lines also gained publicity through the novel "A Handful of Dust" which stands out from the 20th century novels.
The novel was later made into a movie whose details can be seen at imdb here. The movie was nominated for Oscar.

DEC 29

The actual beginning of the day scheduled at 12:30pm was later postponed to 1:30pm because of my reluctance to leave the beautiful sleep that i was enjoying. As my consciousness took charge of my body, i was alarmed as i know i had class at 1:00pm and it was the reopening day after Christmas. I got ready fast and left home at around 1:45 with a hope to reach there by 2:00pm.
I walked from the bus stop to college alone and saw many people strangely looking at me. I was confused with some stares but continued my fast walk to reach there in time. On my way i saw my friend Shaheer and he slowed down his bike and asked me "where are you going sir?". I smiled and replied, "its bit late i know, I am going to class dude".He laughed and replied "The reopening is only tomorrow man, there is no one out there at campus". I had nothing to say and continued my walk, only its little slow now.
Shinto was the culprit ,he played a game on me or may be he was not sure or may be i didn't notice well what he told me. Whatever i am here for nothing. The next destination was hostel, as i anticipated there was no one there. I opened the room after collecting key from the shop downstairs and successfully completed my lost sleep. The sleep continued till 4:45pm at 5pm i boarded a bus to Aluva and reached back home by around 6:00pm
At home I instantly started the usual business of exploring the world through the interconnected web. Only power failures and lunch time disturbed my business. Some time after the power cut was spent to play UNO with mom dad grandma bro sis and all. At some distant point of the usual exploration did i find a pearl, it was an Orkut account of a NIT mech student.What attracted me was his photography skills. I instantly posted the link to his album in my tag line so that interested people can enjoy them.
After some time i noticed a scrap from this guy who was surprised to see a link to his album from my profile. He actually followed my profile from the community post "find best pic from above persons profile" from where i actually found him. I never expected such a twist in the script. Actually both of us were little bit shocked!!
The official end of todays story is a serious quote from my grandmother "What if i die today while sleeping, all these medicines i bought today will be wasted right???". I was not able to laugh as she was really serious.

PS: Today i found the full form of "PS:"

Some site hosting famous movie scripts for film lovers

Here are some sites hosting movie scripts and screenplays and the scripts are available for free. Those who r interested with movies can go through the same



DEC 28

Dec 28 was supposed to be an interesting day.I had plans of visiting my friend at pathanamthitta, but the holy sleeping disorder im having keept me away from the plan. I woke up at 2:30 pm.
Time simply ran today, i did nothing and it was night suddenly. Only notable things i did was eating food and helping my friend fix a computer problem. Only after some thorough backtracking do i now realize that i was reading online articles the rest of the time. I read some movie reviews including diff versions of shawshank redemption review. An investigation on the life of the 'god' actor Morgan Freeman is going on.
One interesting news i went through is the killing of a college student at bangalore. He unknowingly entered a Brigadiers house while trying to hide from the police men following him. I tried imagining myself as him, it was fun. But probably not fun for my family.
Also my friend gave me link to an interesting airtel ad...... the alibaba ad..it was an excellent idea..... the ad is given below. Sound is a must while playing this.....

PS: today was an interesting day, but there was not enough time because of the long sleep.

An attempt prortray my flower vase..........

I am not in a position to turn on the lights for a clear pic.........ill post a clear pic of the same soon

A new pencil drawing on the way..........

Sarted the work yesterday night ,but felt sleepy as i proceeded...hope to finish it soon........

a secret discussion......

There is a famous story about an IAS civil service intervew, i think Babu Paul is the star of the story. The story is all about a question and an answer. Question is as simple as what you will do if u c a completely nude female lying on ur bed???

Answer was also simple...ill carry her in my hands and will sing a lullabie for her(for him it ws a lil cute baby)

Nudity does not essentially be related to sex. Spencer Tunick is expressing the idea through his world record nude shoots. He is a world famous artist, a photographer graduated in arts and later became famous for his nude shoots and love for the architecture of human body.
In course of time Spencer became more interested in making patterns out of huge groups of naked people. May be the reason for this change of taste is an increase in "supply".
The increase in supply is no joke. Around 18000 nude people posed for Tunick in Mexico City's principal square, the Zócalo on a photo shoot during 2007 MAy!!!

Interested with the guy and his art??? his site is http://www.spencertunick.com/
all the art works are there ;) i felt nothing but like watching a painting :(

PS: The nude runs in american pie but makes us feel the other way i think :)

PPS: Anyway I dont think ill ever pose for tunick :P wht abt u ???;)

Another pencil work

the excellent light and shade of the reference pic motivated me to draw this one... im nt at all satisfied with the result

DEC 27

Bro had chess tournament at CUSAT. Dad was not at home. So i had to go with him to the venue. The most painful of all, i had to get up early.
As a result of my opposition for mom's attack against my sleep we reached late at he venue. Bro was angry. I told nothing and walked with him. I left him at tournament venue and remitted my fees at NLB. It was the apt time, there was no one there (bankers wer der).
From bank i went to thattumpuram, opened the hostel and started sleeping after changing to my civil dress. I slept till bro called at evening wen it was tym to leave home. I walked all the way with him, he was angry with me for that also.
We reached home at around 5:30 and i instantly had my lunch, but was not able to eat as much as i thought i will eat.
After food full tym is being dedicated to chatting and commenting pics in orkut... its nice to do such things, no tension. But now its 12:00 and pl have gone to sleep, so i got engaged in blogging.
Theres a plan to download "Burn After Reading" movie tdy........also some plans to visit pathanamthitta tomorrow....

PS:Some days are missing in the blog and they are actually resting along with the incomplete drafts, hope to revive em soon.

An interesting orkut "about me"

I have a v bad habit of reading "about me", i read all the "about me" in orkut, an inner urge to know about people and wht they think.While browsing through such "about me" ill usually get stuck at some interesting and some frank about me......im now planning to save them before those profiles die.....its fun to read these....atleast for me

Here goes one.....

“I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me. I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am Okay and the Best!!!!!!! Any Problems???????

PS:Any problems?????

DEC 22

Sanoj left befor i got up .Melvin was there sitting on a chair and seriously reading newspapers when i got up.Later Sarath left him at premier bus stop.He came back with his laptop charger which was given for reapiring. The charger which was actually a single piece had been cut into two pieces using some hacksaw and later on stuck together with fevi quick or so. It was fun to see the expression on saraths face while observing the conndition of his charger. The lap top was also under repair at service centre. We than went to marhaba and had our lunch from there. On our way back hostel we stopped at sonu's and uploaded my site from there. There was some corrections which i did instantly from there. Once we reached back hostel i suddenly fell asleep. After some time i was disturbed from sleep by some loud conversation, it was between sarath and door delivery man of lap top service centre. I never bothered to open my eyes and risc the condition of my sleep..i went on with my job. It was time to go home as i got up from sleep. Sarath dropped me at bus stop and i reached home safely, as usual.
Late night around some 3am i was at the newly build room of my house which had no window panes(the construction is going on). I was doing some pencil drawing in the new environment, may be im getting some inspiration from the strange feel there. Suddenly one big insect came inside following the fluorescent tube i was using. I ran out from the room. I closed the door and peeped through the slight gap. The insect was strong and steady, with no intention to leave the place. I started my work, i started throwing pencils and rulers erasers etc until my stock was over. The accuracy of my aim and the courage of the insect left it at the same place, unmoved. I gave up. I left the place and closed the room. Came downstairs after collecting my pencils and tools. Made another drawing. Both these drawing ive already posted in this blog.....


PS:I was afraid of all sort of things which are not afraid of flying towards my eyes. Now it should also be of reasonable size to make me afraid :). I've improved.

DEC 21

Sanoj disturbed my sleep at around 10am, the time i should actually reach reunion venue. I got up slowly and told him to wait. I discussed with him the issue of ftp to upload his site and related to to submarine cable problems of Mediterranean. I took a fast bath. Sanoj copied the site files to a USB by that time.
We reached reunion venue past 11:30 after a adventerous bike journey which sometimes showed me speedometer reading going above 100. I keeps silent once i see high speedometers as i dont want to encourage ppl by screaming high :P (i have experience of increasing speed on increased screeaming)
I was supposed to deliver the welcome speech at reunion. They directly took me to stage. I tld some crap as welcome speech and also took part in inauguration. The inauguration was by old literary and class leaders, hope pl who organized the reunion belonged to these groups :). The reunion was fun.
Suhas and Vince imitated some of our old teachers and also shared some old comedy stories. The organizers had arranged fried rice and chiken(for which they had to pay from their pockets as expected no of participation was not there) By gods grace i was not one of them. The pleasure of meeting old friends and chatting with them and updating the new stories went one side and some arranged programs were goin on the other side.
After the programs me melvin and sanoj went to thattumpuram.Sarath was there alone and we gae him company. Sonu was also there to night. The reunion was complete.
PS:The web site still resides in a USB inside my pocket.

Confucianism??? or just a confusion? :P


Once Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know he was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuangzi. But he didn't know if he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuangzi.

PS:For me, the TAO remains unanswered

DEC 20

Was at thattumpuram when i got up. Shinto and Kozhi was there with me.By the time i got up Kozhi was getting ready to leave. He stuffed his clothes in saraths laptop bag and was busy walking away when i stopped him. He told me that there is no other bag and gave me a 50ps and told me to get a plastic cover for sarath to carry his laptop. I had nothing more to tell him.
Shinto went out to drop kozhi at kalamassery and he saw his friend from thrissur on his way back to hostel. He left with him to thrissur and i left home.
Dec 20 is the deadline given for site work. I was busy at work like any other deadline. The work was finished but i was not able to connect to the site via ftp or http. I completed the work working past 3am on 22nd morn.There was no use as i was not able to upload the site. I slept keeping alarm for 9 am in the morning, i was anyway sure that i wont get up at 9. I have to attend the school reunion on 22nd morn. I messaged sanoj to collect me on his way to reunion.

some new pencil drawings

The pics are not clear as i took en using webcam.

Believe it or not, this is actually a malayalam film actor

This is an incomplete work inspired by a JOSCO model

REFLECTIONS,A short film casting Mohanlal

Here comes another short film i recommend.
"Reflections" is a good short film by Bejoy Nambiar, which was made around 2004 or 2005. I liked the editing, concept ,direction and photography. Mohanlal comes in the main role as a "Kuttappan" and watch him change as the movie forwards.

The movie is availbale in youtube currently

DEC 19

By the time i got up it was already time to visit mosque, it was friday. Father and cousin went to mosque by the time i got up. I slowly had my bed coffee then tea and then slowly went to get ready. Had my lunch after coming back from mosque. Then passed time hearing songs and working with site design in background. Sali was getting ready for her tour to Ooty. I went with her to thrikkakara, their bus was waiting there. I went to thattumpuram, but none was there. It was around 6pm by then. I called shinto from salis phone abd he came to pick me up.We went to ground near thrikkakara. Sonu and Kozhi was there chatting with aji chettan and team, we joined them. I had no intension to go back home,i slept at hostel.

DEC 18

Got up late as usual. Sanoop called me while i was indulged in the unusual task of brushing my teeth. He had lab exam and was thrown out of the lab for doin forgery in lab record. One examiner found it after he somewhat finished writing the procedure and diagrams for his experiment and was expecting a proceed. Exams always need luck in huge amounts, when work is in negligible amounts.
I got ready and left for thattumpuram. Sonu picked me up from south kalamassery and we directly went to badminton court. Played badmonton for some time and left to thattumpuram along with chori and vellu. They were planning their christmas visits to their homes.
I reached back home at around 6 and started my site work. I tried a short film casting mohanlal when i was bored of continuous work. The short film was good,its lil bit psychic. I went to sleep after the movie.

10 minuta

Recently i happened to see a short film "10 minutes" by Ahmed Imamovic. The film really throws light into the contrast of life at different parts of the world at the same time. The film is a very good piece of work from the point of view of technical perfection also.I liked it very much and recommends u all to c the film.
The film contrasts the 10 minutes of a Japanese tourist visiting Rome and a boy at a war stuck region of Sarajevo,Bosnia.The film is there at youtube.

PS:This is the best european short film of 2002.

DEC 17

Got up late and missed the forenoon session attendance as usual. But anyway reached thattumpuram by noon and joined the badminton game at indoor court. Reached back thattumpuram after the game and had a tea from suburban along with sudeesh. Sanoop was worried about his electrical lab exam the next day.Also, he lost his lab record book and was planning to change my name to his name in my old record.He came with me on my way to bus stop and we bought a ink-eraser to make the "record business" easier.
I was not as tired as the previous day and so there was no need for a short-term-sleep.I continued some site work at home and slept early, altogether no much work today.

DEC 16

Got up earlier than the other fellows and had my bath. the anticipated scarcity of water after applying soap didnt surprise me this time rather i surprised it by kapping one bucket water in reserve. The simple reason for this water problem is a big crack in the water tank which allows the incoming water to leave the dirty water tank as soon as it fills in, and no drop of water denies the offer.
There was no water left for the rest of em and also there was no power to run the motor.Sudeesh went to sonus house along with shinto to take bath.Vellu adjusted with the water sudeesh reserved for brushing teeth. Vipin also somehow got ready by 8:30, the 'somehow' remains a mystery for me as there was no water left behind. We left to college, me, vellu and kozhi.We were not going to college actually, the bike driver was hungry and so we reached "hotel fresh" .I had to wait until the two of them finished their break fast.
The free hours were efficiently utilized for watching an old malayalam movie "20)o noottandu" @ nobles room.I reached back thattumpuram after watching the movie. I was tired and also suffering from mild headache. I enjoyed the short-term-sleep on my way back home @KSRTC bus.
Had 3 cups of tea and a crocin as i reached home and the headache slowly vanished.Got plans to complete the work and also plans to sleep, which should i work out???

DEC 15

Was at hostel wen i got up. There was no time to brush teeth or to take a bath, poured some water to my hair and rushed to college putting on some uniform shirt.We had project during the morning session, directly went to staff room to mark our attendance. Reached back hostel and we had nothing to do. The shinto broke the "idle time" and i went with him to play badminton.
The court was already occupied by refugees from near by college. So we changed our plan and joined cricket match. I played excellent cricket as always and never disturbed the smooth flow of the game or the ball, wether im batting or fielding. I never tried balling unless my team is badly forced to take that risk. I was put to field under the sun which was right over my head, as our balling got over badminton court was free. Iwent to play badminton leaving behind the batting session, who cares about cricket?
Badminton was fun as all the funny people was there under leadership of ullas. me and ullas was a team and sanoop and sudeesh other team. We played until we cant play any more and directly went to hotel to have food. After food i took a smaall sleep which continued for more time than what was intended. The final result was usual, i dint go home. Wen i got up kanjan asked me, "now can u sleep some more time??". It was a challenge questioning my reputation. I showed him what i am!!

DEC 14

Got up at mornning and continued the site work. The work was to traslate a design done in photoshop into html. I felt bored soon and soon saw myself drawing some pencil drawing. After completing the drawing i started over with my site work. Mom was busy cleaning house as grandmother was coming from bangalore. I was soon thrown out of my room for cleaning reasons ,and i had to wait for a long time until the hilarious task of cleaning my room was over. I ate some fruits and sweets as mom cleaned my room, she was angrily uttering something while cleaning, it was nt a prob for me,ive heard the same a lot many times.
I felt better sitting in a clean room. My table still remains the same, mom never cleans it, neither will I. As i again got involved in site work it was time to pick dad and grandmother from railway station.
Now i need to complete the design of the site, the problem im facing is that my monitor is now decoloured. There is no point in telling the color as it can change any time, any way now it is red tint. Dont think that this is something that happened today, the monitor is living with this for more than 5 months. So there should be a solution, i planned to do the rest of work at hostel. I called sarath to hear the happy news that the laptop and the PC at hostel is not working. Any way I can manage to make the laptop working if i can arrange a battery and charger or i should get laptop from dripu, whatever.... im leaving rest of it i can plan on the way.

DEC 13

got up at around 9am started the day hearing some songs. slowly turned over to designing some web site and continued with it for a while. By that time my friend sanoj came home and spend time chatting with him till noon. mom gave him some juice and chocolates,I ate the chocolates and my lil bro took care of the juice. After he left home i was forced to visit the stationary shop as father was not at home and we were expecting my cousin from calicut. I had a bath and went to shop was a good experience to view the changes to the shop from the time of my last visit, some new sales girls have come some favorite ones have left.I noticed evry change before i started searching for the items in the list.The dificult part of shopping is this search which always end up in asking some sales girl for help.
As soon as I came back from shop , i switched on my computer. The order for a juice bunced as mom was busy cooking chiken for guest. I started over with web site work. I continued with this work and songs in background until cousin reached aluva. As he phoned from aluva i went to the junction near my house and waited for him there until he called from my hom telling he came by some other route. I came back home, he was there like host and i was like guest he welcomed me.."haa come come...".Then it was all about food until he left at 7:30 which started with some juice at 3:30 and ended in chicken fry and porotta at 7:00.
Again i started over with my work wchich was in no way omproving because im not getting enough time to concentrate.I did some designing by night and then went to sleep at 10:30.

PS: The work has lot more to finish, i will post the link if ever i complete it :P
PPS: hope the one who gave me the work wont read this :)

DEC 12

Unsusual beginning of the day, woke up at 3:30 am and had rice at 4 am. Made coffee myself and had it along with rice. Now busy infront of computer checking mails and found some interesting mail, mail from FSF.
The mail was about a copyright infringement of some software mailed to me from FSF as im in their mailling list. The interesting fact is that Free Software Foundation have filed the case against CISCO which te FSF announced on 11th Dec. There can naturally arise a confusion, free software is against copyrighting softwares(not exactly) and why should they file a case against CISCO. There comes the funny part. CISCO took some of FSF softwares including GCC binutils GNU C Library etc for their product linksys. FSF told them "use it as u wish but provide source code to your users as we provided it for u", the way FSF spreads its motive. CISCO dint read the "but" part and used it "as they wish" and gave no source to users which finally led to this situation after so many warnings by FSF.
Also this is first of its kind from FSF,the fifteen years of non-violence with no such legal case is over, lets look ahead if FSF will win the case.

The PDF of FSF complaint is give below.
copy of complaint in PDF
The softwares were having GPL and Lesser General Public License (LGPL) licences.

  • My che guvera theme is not yet accepted by google ....still waiting.....
  • will we have class today?, the suspence keeps us goin to class, believing "we wont have probably"

PS: Times are changing. Case against "stealing source code" is history,now cases are filed for "hiding source code".

DEC 11

Tdy was a fine day from the perspective of a lazy student forced to be in his classroom for the sake of his/her future economic stability. we were forced to bunk the morning session because of a sir who dont want any disturbances due to "late comers".whether the disturbance is due to "late coming" or "late comers" becomes clear once a "non late comer" comes late.we any way understands and raise up to the situation.today we left the place as soon as we saw sudeep sir inside.We were happy that we got time to have our food we were also sad bcoz we lost our sleep for no reason :( .
After food next destination was default, our hostel. There i had nothing to do and so was doing nothing. sanoop was lying down on his belly and reading "CATCH 22". i slowly started imagining his pocket as a basketball basket and made small small basketballs out of newspapers to start my game. Sanoop was deeply buried inside the book that he never noticed his pocket gaining weight.
it was time for afternoon section and i rushed to bathroom to hav a bath.I had no time for that during the morning rush. We went to attend the afternoon section three of us in a bike looking for any beutiful "pieces" of gods creations anywhere on the way and finally reached campus without even finding one.
Our friends shouted "rush to the teacher man, mark the attendance before offer ends". we ran up the stairs which we even hated to climb up walking. Rushed to staff room and luckily teacher was there ,we marked the attendance and went to hav our lunch and reached back hostel soon.
Again i passed time without doin nothin till 4pm wen i went out to play badminton along with shinto.from there i left home at 5 and slept at 9pm after passing sme lazy moments before the computer checking mail and updating the status of my works. I was actually tired by the time i slept, i think badminton is the culprit as im having body pain also.

PS: morning session of class diverted to "Coffe house" had breakfast, afternoon session diverted to "hotel marhaba" had lunch.....unfortunately there was no night class to hav dinner.

DEC 10

i am goin mad with creating google themes. got up early tdy at 5:30 am and created one CHE theme and started with one Shaheed Bhagat Singh theme also.

eight semester classes started yesterday, classes are now a great relief after getting bored during vacations. We can bunk class and make vacations if we like, but we cant bunk vacations and make classes.Lil bit confusing ryt? i coined this during the last vacation.

also i completed another successful 24 hrs without sleep and after that also controlled my sleeping time to 5hrs 30 mins. Let me see if ill bunk class n go to sleep :P.

little bit frustration on googles bad service in accepting submitted themes, the software giant is taking aroung 2 weeks to accept a theme.i got my first 3 accepted and now i can start waiting for acceptance of CHE theme.

Also its happy to know that my first theme which is actually good for nothing got around 850 users by now :)

some igoogle themes

in a nut shell i google is the personalised google search page, it actually offers a lot more that we actually forgets that we actually came to search. A wide variety of widgets have been developed with javascript and xml which we can selectively add to our igoogle page to "personalise" "our" google page. Now we have a new dimension of personalisation which google apparently launched in most of its web applications, the personalised themes. Unlike the orkut and gmail themes, here we have the opportunity to create our own custom themes .CREATION OF CUSTOM THEMES IS ONLY A RESTRICTED PROCESS and we are actually supposed to change only the color schemes and images used.

One interesting property of the igoogle themes is that the design of the page can change with time and different style documents can be assigned to different times, nice feature if used wisely :P.

I d like to share sme of the themes i created and submitted to google





only an older version of the console theme is now included in the google themes directory, awaiting the approval of the rest and im on to making new themes......

PS: vacations are really boring, we are even forced to make themes for google.

SQL injection

A way to crack a security/network system indeed gets patched before the masses know about such a flaw!!!The SQL injection is no exception. Also most people were aware of this right from the beginning, but the problem was when naive designers come into coding webdites. New coders who were not completely aware of security and the cracking techniques thought that filtering inputs was just as a way of creating neet user interface or to assist the user in giving correct format inputs. This mentality can lead to neglecting such a filtering system as such, which can lead to serious security flaws.
SQL injection can be some what avoided by filtering the inputs before crating the sql queries. i dont wish to explainin the injection in much detail when we have a fine piece of work on SQL injection by STEVE FRIEDL at


those who are interested can read the article, its not hightly technical content good for naive coders.

A preplexing CUSAT notice.


I would like to share with you, a preplexing NOTICE by cochin university of science and technology ( CUSAT ) administrative deapartment.

I came along this notice while browsing the web and searching for some high res image of cusat logo. what the official notice WARNS is that the teacher ajithkumar who is on unautorized leave for 16 years will face serious actions from the university unless he reports in 15days. The notice is observed to be drafted on Jan 23 2008.

I am not trying to insult the university or concerned officicials, just trying to show how "OFFICIAL" proceedings happens.There is no point in insulting the university when i myself still remains a student of the same :P

PS: late submission of project report is a serious problem.
what about the 16 year unauthorized absence of a lecturer?

the CUSAT LOGO was later found at http://cusat.ac.in/images/ with name logo.gif .The directory also contained many other useful images

Gmail introducing new themes!!

The option to setup custom themes for orkut profiles had many prolems at the beginning. One main problem was that even if i dont want to see orkut in its new variety of dresses, i should just shutup and watch the show.Some of the similar problems have been rectified by the google/orkut team some more to do i think.Our discussion here but is not orkut themes, but the newly introduced Gmail themees.
Gmail themes work in the similar way as orkut themes, ie a changing "css".(css is nothing but cascading style sheets, a file which defines the look and feel of web pages). Lets not go technical. Gmail themes are not assosiated with any problems as in orkut as we are the only one whoz gonna watch our mail and we can decide how it looks.

I tried many of the available thems and now im using one console like theme which gives some techie look to my inbox :P .You can see the theme in the pic. Yet another theme that i liked is the graffitti theme.Most of the themes provided by google are "good css" but not so attractive
Lets look forward for times when we can design our own themes in css and upload ,or may be atleast the flexibility we have in blogger design[:P]

Nokia Snake Xenia / Xenzia cheats :P

i showed my cousin my high score in snake xenia /xenzia around 4650 and he gave me a silly smile and showed his snake xenia /xenzia score 23,000 and 27,000 in snake xenia /xenzia classic and campaign :P
snake xenia /xenzia classic any way he tld he played without any cheat but campaign he had a cheat to get rid of the mazes :P campaign without mazes!!
• Game Type(Campaign)
• New Game
• Pause
• Game Type(Campaign)
• Quit
• Start
• Continue

one another way to cheat snake xenia /xenzia is tzo make it frget that it actually ate apples :p
its simple as soon as it swallows apple pause the game and snake will do something else then continue. snake wont grow if u do it the right way :P this is but not supported in most new phones

Cheat Snake II Nokia - Celebrity bloopers here


PS : u can only harvest fame n scores with cheats!!

Lively? or not?

Some part of the internet always remain unaccessed by the majority or put in other words, majority browse only a restricted part of the vast internet (like the way they use thier brains). Im talking about some feature launch and withdrawal by the BIGDADDY Google, more specifically the lively.com.The fact remains that no one ever tld me about such a thing and i just happened to see it a wiki page listing all google services!!
Lively.com can be considered as a different product in googles shelf, its something like second life a virtual world where you will get rooms and avatars which will roam through the rooms. The lively is a multiuser system and has an incorporated group chat in it, also we can kick someone hit em on their head or so. Its really fun hang out at Jens Coffee Shop , a 3d building built and furnished by some unlucky fellow. Google wont allow anyone to enter any rooms after dec 31 2008 as per wht they announced "Lively is shutting down Rooms and avatars will not be available after December 31st, 2008" The reason for a shut down is not clear for me, google anyway got some official excuses like "not every bet is going to pay off." and "we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business."
Both thesebut remains unsatisfactory for me. I also recommend all of you to take a look at the lively.com and spend some time at some room before the close down happens at the end of december.
heres a pic of me sitting at some "sexy music" room and this is my avatar which i personalised to somewht look
like me :P. Another google service i unfolded the same day is the notebook service which can book mark my favorite sites and striking ones online and it will help me a lot... ill better do one detailed post on the notebook service next time :P

PS: im also member of secondlife which seems more realistic, but the lively looks more cool and fun(4 me). try it fast if u wish, u got a timeline.

Missing CUSAT DSP syllabus & DSP e book


1.The Scientist & Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith.

Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques edited by Walt Kester.
these are free e-books and hard cover versions are available for purchase
Question Paper

Question paper on CUSAT Dspace here


2002 admission onwards

601 Digital Signal Processing

Module I
Introduction to discrete time signals & system - Discrete time signals and systems - Properties of discrete systems - linearity - time invariance - causality - stability - convolution - difference equation representation of discrete systems - The Z transform - properties of Z transform - the inverse Z transform - System function.

Module II
Discrete Fourier Transform & Fast Fourier Transform. Discrete Fourier series - properties - discrete fourier transform - properties - block convolution decimation in - time FFT algorithms - decimation in - frequency FFT algorithms - FFT algorithms for N a composite number.

Module III
FIR Digital Filters Realizations - direct - cascade - lattice forms - hardware implementation - FIR filter design using Fourier series - use of window functions - frequency sampling design.

Module IV
IIR Digital Filters Realizations - Direct - Cascade - Parallel forms - hardware implementation - Analog filter approximations - Butterworth and chebychev approximations - The method of mapping of differentials - impulse invariant transformation - Bilinear transformation - Matched Z transform technique.

Module V
Finite word length effects in digital filters - Fixed point arithmetic - Floating point arithmetic - Block floating point arithmetic - Truncation - Rounding - Quantization error in analog to digital conversion - finite register length effects in IIR & FIR filters Limit cycles. Digital signal processing application (Only brief description required) Soft ware implementation of digital filters- Architecture of typical DSP processor .

Reference :
1) Oppenheim & Ronald W Schafer," Digital Signal Processing", Prentice Hall India
2) .Andreas Antoniou , "Digital Filters Analysis & Design", Prentice Hall India
3) R Rabiner & B. Gold , "Theory & Application of Digital Signal processing", Prentice Hall India
4) Andreas Antoniou , "Digital Signal Processing", Prentice Hall India
5) John G Proakis & Dimitris G Manolakis ,"Digital Signal Processing ", Prentice Hall India
6) Sanjit K.Mithra , , "Digital Signal Processing", Tata Mc ­Graw Hill.
7) Douglas K.Lindner, "Introduction to signals &Systems" Mc Graw Hill.

2006 onwards

Module 1
Introduction to signals & systems- Discrete time signals and systems- Properties of discrete systems-linearity, time invariance-causality-stability-convolution-difference equation representation of discrete systems -The Z transform-properties of Z transform- the inverse z transform-System Transfer function.

Module 2
Frequency domain representation of discrete time signals. Discrete Fourier series(DFS)-properties Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) properties, Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT) properties& Fast Fourier Transform( FFT) Decimation in Time & Decimation in Frequency algorithms.

Module 3
FIR digital Filters: Transfer function. Generalized Difference equation representation. Concept of windowing. Non Recursive realization structures-direct (Tapped delay line structure) –cascade realization- Liner phase realization.
IIR Digital Filters : - Transfer function. Difference equation representation. Recursive Realizations Direct form I , Direct form II –Cascade Realization-Parallel realization – Comparison of IIR & FIR filters in terms of computational complexity, memory requirement, hardware complexity, stability .

Module 4
Finite word length effects in digital filters- fixed point arithmetic -Floating point arithmetic- Block floating point arithmetic - Truncation-Rounding - Quantization error in analog to digital conversion-Limit cycles. General DSP architecture- features _ On chip subsystems- memory organization-Addressing modes- Instruction types - TMS320C54X fixed point processor- TMS320C4X floating point processor
Applications of DSP

  1. P.Ramesh Babu: Digital signal Processing,SCITEC Pub., 3rd ed
  2. Sanjit K. Mithra, : " Digital Signal Processing", Tata Mc- Graw Hill

  1. John G Proakis & Dimitris G Manolakis : "Digital Signal Processing", PHI, New Delhi
  2. Oppenheim & Ronald W Schafer : "Digital Signal Processing", Prentice Hall India
  3. Steven W. Smith, Digital Signal Processing-A practical guide for Engineers and Scientists , Elsivier India Pvt.Ltd, 2006
  4. Avatar Singh, Digital Signal Processing Implementations, Edition 1

Type of questions for University Examination
Question 1 - 8 short answer questions of 5 marks each. 2 questions from each module
Question 2-5 – There will be two choices from each module .Answer one question from each module of 15 marks

understand him.... then kill him.....

The private buses of the city along with their friends and enemies always make me annoyed with the enormous amount of noise they produce. Some times during traffic blocks we feels that a horning competiotion is goin on. What ever it is the only thing we could do was to sit silent, exactly as our father of nation told. We were helpless.

Sciene and technology started their sci-fi journey years back fascinating the common man with technologies ans instrument that were supposed to be completely imaginary. Here also technology comes for our help. The active noise control technology got a very simple principle that anyone can think, but most of us never got time to think about. The technology uses "anti noise" which kills the villain "noise" by canceling it with himself leaving behind nothing. Looks like attacks on an animation movie? ill now explain what happens here.
All of us knows the fundamental thing, sound consists of compressions and rarefactions meaning that sound is a pressure wave propagating in some media. Anti noise, our hero is nothing else its also pressure wave with compressions and rarefactions but with a small difference, he is in opposite phase with noise, they got 180 phase difference. So the next simple thing come, another chapter from high school physics, what happens when two of these waves meet. The answer is obvious, destructive interference resulting in nothing left behind. This is how technology works, and eliminates noise and re-establishes peace.
What was the problem hat existed ? why is it that no one else did this before? the answer is simple, the circuits and technology of yesterdays were not efficient enough to be employed in this area. They had to process enormous amount of data in real time and produce accurate results. Digital signal processing came for help in thiss ituation. DSP and DSP chips studied and understood incoming signals very fast using the complex underlying mathematical principles ideas of convolution, correlation etc. DSP then generated the pattern of the anti noise which cancells the noise for a good extend.

The introduction of smart digital signal processors and the availability of cheaper and smaller signal processing chips made companies think of realising the concept. Bose, a hi-fi speaker manufacturing company have come up with their product, Aviation headset X which is now used by pilots to help them from aviation noise. The headset costs $995 at present.

We can wait for the cost and size to come down and buy one for ourselves when entering our cochin streets. As usual this will also happen autmatically, we just need to wait.

PS: i was studyin for DSP supplementary exam with the help of some online book when i came to see this topic.
I refer the book to anyone who want to study DSP http://www.dspguide.com/

Onam vacation is over

The whole thing went very fast, the vacations are over, but the individual days were actually like slow motion scenes. I was online all the time during vacations(when im awake). I used to ask all friends "wht u doin?" and always felt happy to get the reply "nothing", which was a testimony that i am not alone.
The onam vacation inspite of its extreme boredom becomes significant by provoking many lazy sacks to even start blogs. Sanoop is supposed to have suffered the maximum boredom, which inturn is actually measured from the extend of blogging. When individual blogs proved that they are not enough to fight the seasoned boredom there came no second thought to start the "TP-blog". The idea design and flag off ...it went very fast. Me and vellu enjoyed it. It was a big relief from the pathetic situation we had.
This vacation definitely keeps us aware of the situation we need to face soon as the coll gets over for us, which is no big time.
The classes are back again its just one day left, we r back with fun but then also s6 specials is gonna screw up along with seminar report, records, assignments and all crap. Lets see :p

PS: CG record , Network record, CN assigment and Seminar report? there is one more day ;)

save orkut photos - Internet explorer

Last time i explained how to save photos from orkutalbum with firefox. I happen to see that many people dont have firefox and are using Internet Explorer instead. Even when recommending a easy and fast browsing with firefox, i'd explain how to save orkut photos with IE also

The procedure is simple... drag and drop the photo to the address bar, click enter(GO) . Now u will get a page with only the picture, which actually is direct link to the picture on google server. You can right click and save this picture now as you did before.

And in some ols versions of IE you have no problem in saving the images u can directly right click and save :P

preparing for onam

the early news about onam that i heard this time was definitely something more than 'SHOKING'. It was something no one even dared to dream of. 'Kanjan' is the cs captain and organizer for onam. Even now after all these happenings i cant simply sort out how such a thing happened.
The captains decision to take over the position was a good bad? the question remains unanswered for the captain's sake.
I already had plans of going to campus after the "Break-Fast" of ramadan , which i didn't want to miss. I was sure of some preparations out there at campus and some fun going on there. I packed up my "mundu" and shirt in my school bag and took my bus to kalamassery. I was somewht lazy of walking all my way to the hostel from kalamassery , so i called sanoop to see if any bikes are free. His reply really made me feel the speed of onam preparations. Sudeesh and Shinto were on their way to invite teachers and sharath and sonu.....at ajna's house looking for full size plantains for decoration!! I expected some "happenings" but not this much. i had no other choice other than to walk. I had purposefully avoided calling our captain, the reason is simple, he never tells a "no" if you ask him to pick u up, but then we might even need to wait for a full day. The inborn laziness to walk made me call him atlast. Captain "in a minute sir, im there". As the first step of preparations for the long wait, i ordered one tea and started "waiting". As the first one in the list of unusual happenings of the day, came captain with his "question marked" bike and moopan was also along with him. I was stunned to see him come this fast without making me wait for atleast one hour...it was just half hour of waiting!!! He was seen completely tensed, two mobiles phones in two ears, he really have become one "captain". Captain had plans of writing a banner for procession , moppan was selected for writing i joined them and went to buy clothes and brushes to write banner, paint was already there.
From there we directly went to campus , there were more people there than i expected, all were busy decorating their places, and enjoying the "campus get together" at night. It was then that captain became aware that only in our branch no decorations or preperations goin on, all others actually somewht finished decorations by then. First thing captain wanted was "kuruthola" to decorate the place(kurthola is the tender leaves of coconut tree). There was no "kuruthola" for us and also no one to proces the kuruthola. There was only two people from cs, me and captain. Captain kick started the bike and we went in search of kuruthola, sarath tld there is some coconut tree in garden near polymer science. We went there to get this kuruthola at any cost. The problem then was the security people .As wee stopped bike near the garden, we saw some remainings of kuruthola decorations there in front of polymer science, i took one to study how its made. The security slowly approached us. It was around 12 midnight by then, he asked whts goin on. I showed the kuruthola sample and tld him that we came to study how its made. He became interested and explained us how to make "kuruthola". Now captain asked the apt question, "now making is ok but we dnt have kuruthola "!!!! It dint seem a problem for the security "its all coconut tree over here get it from where ever you like". We entered the garden under captains leadership, it had lot of coconut trees.We selected one and I climbed up the tree. It was hard time up the tree and working with the knife which cant even cut a piece of shit. At last we got some kuruthola and we left to campus with that.
We also called all our classmates from hostels to help in decorating the place. Many were there within half an hour and preparations started. It was real fun to be at campus with friends at a late tym of around 1:00 in the night. There was a small kuruthola processing unit under noble's leadership, which made all decorations v fast.
Captain was worried again by this time as he had no plantains to keep at the entrance, yet another decoration. This time also i went with him along with vivin and nikhil dev in another bike. It was not a good idea to cut down plantains from plantations of our professors at staff quarters. But we had no other choice. Also i am not sure if i should mention that we encountered one of our professors on our way back with plantains on our shoulders. We were lucky enough to be spared without any probs and definitely unlucky enough to see him there at that time.
Things were ready by now. By the time we reached back decorations were some wht over. Now came captains next problem , it was nothing other than our firt plan ,banner. He wanted moopan and me to write the banner. We happily went with him as it was getting too late and started with our work at hostel. But then all of our friends came one by one to the hostel, they all sat down with us for some time and went to sleep. The first two people who came were still awake with red and blue colors on their hands.No need to mention about captain who fell asleep as soon as we reached hostel.
WE finished the work around 5:00 in the morning. There was no more time to sleep. I took a bath, ironed clothes and got ready for the next battle.

our pookkalam

PS: If some one saw me sleeping at benches during onam it was because i was completely exhausted after all these along with a "day out" ( night out is no prob for me)

cs it blast 08-hoganakkal,ooty,wayanad(not finished)



Sigmund freud expired on september 23 1939. Now i got nothing to worry as no one is going to interpret what i am going to narrate. To be more straight forward, i am going to narrate one dream which i had few months back. The dream is not so interesting, it's rather unrealistic and weird.

(for people who dont know the places, there is a 20 min journey from aluva to HMT Jn. and a five more minutes will take ou to edappally)

i was on my way to edappally from aluva in a private bus(cab). Nothing like co-passengers or anything is clear or may be i was not even worried about that during my sleep. In the part of the dream that i remembers, the bus had reached HMT Jn. Instead of taking the usual route via HMT jn. the bus went by the smal bypass road to south kalamassery.Infront of the bus, to the right side an elderlyman was seen riding his bike. The bus rapidly approached the bike. I was tensed, because i was sure of an accident by now. Also the bus at this time had no roof no windows or anything other than my seat and me. The bike was very near to me, i leaned forward and shouted at the biker to go fast. He looked at me in a silly manner and disappeared in darkness. Darkness, it was the only thing remained now along with strange sounds from all around. I was really afraid and looked around for any fellow passenger. There was only darkness. I searched for any one near me with my hands, got something, grabbed it towards me in exitement and confusion. It was nothing other than my pillow, i was saved from the strange place.

:) first time in my life i felt happy to be disturbed in my sleep.

save orkut photos - Firefox

orkut disabled right clicking and saving pictures from orkut albums recently. For those firefox users who dont know how to save pics without right click, use this trick,

Tools -> Page Info -> Media

this brings the list of all images in the page for you, select the one you want( maximise the window if you like), there is save as button.save the picture and enjoy

NB: for those whom it matters,we can get all objects like css, js files etc for the page similarly.

some of my works || do leave comments :)


water color on A4

pencil on A4

water colour black on A4 paper

water color on A4 photostat paper

black-ink pen on A4 paper

customize browser for fast browsing - 1

i wish to explain some ways to customize the firefox browser for easier and faster browsing.might be you already know these things, but if u dont know itll be a great loss, especially 4 da lazys.this is the erason why im gonna eplain things now

this time ill be explaining the need, setup, use, and migration of bookmarks toolbar(im talking w.r.t mozilla firefox)
the need
bookmarking is always nice and to read the bookmarked pages again is wht i never do.bokmarks toolbar should not be viewed as such a thing,it really helps, believe me.

see the book marks toolbar in my firefox.think of a situation where i want to check my gmail, i am going to click on the google button and see wht happens then.
i got one drop down with gmail, orkut, site and blogger.ive actually arranged all the google services i use into this "folder".i was looking for gmail,right?so just click on gmail and login, its done.
and now ill show bit more interesting one,how i have managed orkut book marks,the orkut bookmarks reside inside google,definitely ggogle owns orkut as we all know, and the orkut contains 4 options: friends,home,album,scrapbook.once i want to go and checkscrap ill click on scrap book instead of going to home and clicking scraps.if you hav "always logged in"(a play wid cookies) then u rgonna enjoy this more(but i never recommend cookies).
see one snap of the orkut thing

we happen to use only few websites daily,like mail,orkut,blog (ohhh juss remembered abbout blog similar to the orkut shown above ive also arranged a list of blogs in the blogger folder)so if we arrange those regularly visited sites like google sites, may be yahoo,youtube(i got youtube and saveyoutube in that folder),free sms site,mp3 download site,torrent search etc etc etc it will be very nice(is wht i think).


hope its time to explain how to setup these things
its simple
1. view->toolbars->bookmarkstoolbar (if tick mark is not there,click on it)
followig pic explains it well
2.now you will see your toolbar right click on it and choose new bookmark
type the name as wht u want to see in the button and in the location type the address, key word and other u can leave blank,ill explain both
keyword is for more fast browsing typing the keyword can lead you to the page, for example after opening orkut folder from bookmarks if keyword for scrapbook,"s" is pressed you r at scrapbook,helps keyboarders a lot. descriptioon is for helping yourselves at a later situation or hepling others if you gave them your collection of bookmarks
3. now try new folder instead of new bookmark after you create bookmarks for gmail and orkut.name it google.and click OK.
4.now drag and drop the gmail and orkut bookmarks into this folder, the drag and drop scenario is shown in pic
another way other than drag and drop, the top down approach, is to expand the google folder by clicking on it, then right click on the drop down area and select new bookmark or may be a new folder, as you wish.the scenario is shown below
another thing to notice is that right clicking directly over the button and making a new bookmark will cause book mark on the same level only, you ned to right click on the drop down area.
figure 2.6
right clicking on sabithpocker generates a new bookmark on the same level as sabithpocker

if i select the peoperties in the above(fig 2.6) case i am all set to edit the sabithpocker bookmark,try it.

sharing / saving bookmarks
the bookmarks are there in D:\Documents and Settings\sabith pocker\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\bookmarks.html
the profile name xxxxxxxx will be sme alphanums and "D:\" is my windows drive hopefully itll be "c:\" in your system
when you reinstall the software completely without keeping any preferences,save this file somewhere and replace this in new installation, same file may be used t o transfer bookmarks.
but to merge two you might need to know basic html

this is just a good story, the bookmarks manager(bookmarks ->organise bookamrks) will help u do all these easily with their import and export of bookamrks as html.

its really hard to explain this simple thing :P do use firefox and also, definitely, bookmarks toolbar.

if you want dual boot pc(linux/windows case) to share same bookmark read this

an unofficial overview of human life

an unofficial overview of human life is a rational and foolish attempt to sort out the meaning of human life.why do u live?where u came from?why we live here and wht is this earth..mars jupiter and supposedly infinite..or finite and expanding infinitely universe and beyond that also der might be something or might be, der is a full stop...but whts all of these...
the simplest and widely accepted answer is a good story with the superbrain or the architect..or the creator..or to be more specific..the GOD.Where ever we go atlast we comes back to this story because the nonexistence of such a power makes us more meaning less.But who is there who is zen percent sure of the existence of god.If there exists ppl in evry religion whoz sure of the existance of their own "GOD", then they do contradict each other which ineffect make all their tautologies to contradictions..if not,atleast unsure.
so can we find the secret?think of a General Intelligence program(for those who dont know think of it as a computer that got artificial intelligence close to humans).Can it any how understand the existance of humans unless we hav given it our information?Can it think beyond the knowledge it has and the knowledge it aquires from the envieonment...can it think out of box and understand that some humans programmed it?can such a computer find out by itself the reason for its existence?But it surely knows to produce certain outputs on certain inputs...it knows to live...it might have seen other systems expiring...so it might know about death also..but it wont know what is beyond....
but a notable thing in the design of such a system is that the system is designed according to the very design of the creator and his environment.so the point in this is that do "our" creator also hav a similar design like ours?and if we think like we are programs and god is the programmer...then why cant we go on a recursion like dis...again only an ultimate power can stop the recursion.4 him a question like "how he came into existance" will remain invaild in all conditions.
yet another way to think is...again sme programs..how much can a program think of its programmer?there is always a limit which it cant cross...can it understand love at any cost if it wer not programmed?similarly the way we are made can be like we are made to think in terms of time distance and somemore things and also in side a range..not beyond.one of the easiest way to understand this is to think of infinite anything.we cannot digest infinity and another point to note, everything related to god is considered infinite..his powers?lifetime?love?is there anything finite about god?
now again question arises...what should we do now?as per current situation we still remain unsure of the phenomenon called ourselves.is there someone who have cleared their doubts?may be we elive budha or some rishis or someone else like prophet mohammed or jesus knew one answer.But they all taught us the way to live...some methods of peaceful co existence and love...and stories about heaven and hell.
also there is nothing told by them that a rational mind cannot digest(..obviously,the "infinities" of GOD is der) which again questions their divinity.
the question....waht are v :D its still there ..u can c its smiling at us...so again wht can we do to solve it? is der anyone whom we can ask ?is it that if we think for ourselves for beyond a time or concentration we can solve it?
as long as we are having these unanswered questions...as long as we are unaware of we are, we remain no much better than a general intelligence program.Only the inputs outputs and environment changes.
in such a meaningless life what keeps us goin?...if u r going in a bus and u dont know why or where you are going.will u keep on going?if there is no one to ask will u atleast keep on getting worried on this(where,why)?will u jump out of the bus or continue to c wht will happen?again if u hav ur friends and family aand lover with u..same situation..will u be worried this much?will u bother to ask such questions like where this is goin n all(when u r sure others also donno)?or will u try to enjoy the journey forgettin abt the uncertainty of destination?
so wht keeps us goin?wht is love happiness and such things which physics and chemistry is not dealing with?
the next post is not so far

"what keeps us goin without knowing a certain destination?"

the unOfficiaL sABith Pocker bLoG

fRiends...thIS is the UnoffiCial SabithPockEr blog...iF u R lookING foR the Official ONe...kEeP oN LookinG , aNd i F u fInD sOMe pls Inform me also :P (ill F**k thE oNe Who mADe mE oFFiciaL).... iM gOnna wRiTe al rUbbisH oVer hEre aNd tHose ppl Who Loving gRammer and sPelinG is gOna hav a Bad tYm in This blog...Such geeks Shall Quit right Now....its relly hard to mke the small and caps simultaneously.....i would like to keep on doin that to show dat its not gonna harm communication in any way...but above being rational im a great follower of lazy s**y and crazy life .so here laziness wins over my craziness and the blog shall be in complete small caps from now...i also assure u that u are not gonna gain anythin by rading this blog and definitely u might lose manyhthing like control of mind or might be ull lose ur mind itself....and inside all the rubbish here will be discussed the simple unanswerds of the supposedly complex lifes

wht do you think is the very reason or casu or meaning of human life?
keep an eye on the blog..you are gonna c a crazy view...the unofficial inaugration is gonna b soon with
"an unofficial overview of human life"